Introducing Art of Education Classes!

3 Apr


AOE Classes

Art teachers spend countless hours sitting in classes that are not relevant their content area. Professional Development shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be this way.  The Art of Education’s Online Courses are the first of their kind, offering quality professional development courses designed specifically for Art Teachers.  Sign-up today!

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AOE Classes are Designed Specifically for:

  • Art Educators looking for additional graduate credits
  • Art Educators looking to re certify your teaching license
  • Art Educators looking to advance on the salary schedule
  • Art Educators looking to earn elective credits to apply towards a graduate program
  • Art Educators looking for an economical way to build and learn more about the profession from experts in the field, with ideas you can use in your classroom the very next day!
  • Classroom teachers who would like to enrich the classroom experience by integrating the arts


Why Online?
Distance learning was once thought of as very nontraditional way to earn Professional Development credits.  However, as technology as grown exponentially the recent years, online learning has become more mainstream.  In classes all over the country “seats” for online classes are filling up quicker then traditional seats.  This is because:

  • The online format and social nature of the courses will give you a broad range of educators to get to know and interact with during your classes.
  • Conversations with art teachers from all around the country who are teaching what you are an experiencing the same day to day struggles and triumphs as you.
  • Access to Web resources that further explain and exemplify key points and takeaways you can use beyond the scope of the course.
  • Download-able lesson plans and resources you can take, print, and use in your classroom.
  • Complete control over your learning. You’re busy, so why not learn at your pace, at the hours it is convenient for you.
  • All AOE classes use Ning.  A friendly, intuitive, easy-to-use social learning platform that guides you through your studies, gives you unprecedented access and feedback from the instructor, all in a modern online collaborative setting.


Earning Graduate Credit
The Art of Education is pleased to be partnering with Madonna University, a nationally recognized institution for quality professional development opportunities.  Madonna University is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education resulting in an incredibly high transferability rate to other Universities or acceptance in your district’s unique requirements.  Basically, this means that whatever University you’re getting your degree from, these credits will almost certainly transfer – although it’s always wise to check with your particular university or district to ensure transferability before signing up.  Madonna is a perfect partner to AOE, as we share similar values and a desire to offer quality professional development to educators all around the country.



How Does It Work?
Participants have the choice to take credit or no-credit for each course.  The total cost for a course earning one graduate credit course is a very reasonable total of $250 per credit. The course fee is $100 per credit. This is sent to The Art of Education through our online sign-up process.  If you’re taking the class for graduate credit, this will be an additional $150 fee per credit, which is paid to Madonna University to process your credit(s).  After signing up for your course and selecting the ‘credit’ option, you will be sent simple instructions to make this payment to Madonna, online.

Cost Chart


Available Courses (Summer 2011)
AOE will be offering up 4 courses this Summer designed specifically for Art Educators.  One in June, two in July, and one in August.  Three of them are 1-credit courses, one of them is a 2-credit course.
Blogging for Art Educators
Communication 2.0 – Blogging for Art Educators
June 1-20: (1 Credit)
Blogs are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for art teachers and students to create, share, and document the learning process with colleagues, peers, and parents. Blogs allow tremendous creative freedom and can help connect individuals with similar problems/ experiences from all across the world. Through this class, participants will view blogs, learn blogging basics, create their own blogs, brainstorm implementation techniques to fit their own art classrooms, and discover ways to connect with other art educators through building and strengthening their own Professional Learning Community online.
The Element: Where Passion Meets Talent..
The Element: Where Passion Meets Talent
July 1-20: (1 Credit)
As art teachers, we see talents and passions in our students that may not be recognized in the traditional classroom setting. In fact, growing up, maybe you experienced your own creativity and passions becoming stifled by the system. Instead, you may have been asked to “improve your math scores” instead of building upon your true creative talent, whatever that may have been. Sound familiar?
Over the course of our lives, we spend countless hours trying to concentrate on and improve our personal weaknesses. What would happen if we instead focused our time and energy on becoming experts in the areas we’re already good at? Your ‘Element’ is where personal passion meets natural talent. In this course, participants will learn from author and creativity expert Sir Kenneth Robinson’s book “The Element.” Participants will work through exercises that help them define their own ‘Element’. In addition to self-discovery, participants will learn how they can bring out the unique talents of students in their own classes, and help to nurture and flourish these abilities for life-long success in today’s ever changing world.
Assessment in Art Education
Assessment in Art Education
July 1-30: (2 Credits)
Assessment Strategies are becoming a necessity in today’s education world.  Art Educators are striving to find creative ways to gain meaningful data to show student learning, growth and achievement.  By assessing our students in a variety of ways educators can gain program effectiveness, community support and also gaining a deeper understanding of what our students truly know and are able to do.  Through this course, participants will explore current research in  assessment in arts education and explore strategies and systems that some of the top schools and programs in the nation are using to assess the arts.
Based upon the research and models from the class, participants will leave the course with a comprehensive assessment toolkit they will make and put together that will be ready for direct application into their classrooms. You can’t afford not to have data in today’s world of teaching- Get the facts, and do it your way- The creative way!

Creativity in Crisis
Creativity in Crisis
August 1-20: (1 Credit)
According to the 2010 Newsweek Article “Creativity in Crisis” our nation’s creativity is declining.  The jobs of the future will demand people who are able to think creatively, problem solve, and adapt to situations.  This major disconnect is tough for teachers, especially arts teachers, to swallow. Through this course, participants will learn from creativity experts, including Sir Kenneth Robison’s book “Out of Our Minds” to dig deep into true understanding of creativity and learn strategies they can take into their classrooms to enhance creativity and cultivate learners who are prepared for the demands of our ever changing world.
How Do I Sign-Up?
You know how signing up for college classes can be time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating?  No more!  At AOE, we’ve simplified the process.  To sign up for a course, or multiple courses, simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button below, fill out a short form, click a few more buttons to pay with PayPal, and that’s it!  We’ll send you all the course information via email, and you’ll be good to go from there.  For those of you taking AOE classes for credit through Madonna University, you’ll have one more step… but don’t worry, that’s short-and-sweet as well!

Are you ready to do this thing?  Are you ready to take your Professional Development into your own hands and take classes actually designed around your unique needs?  Simply click the button below to get started!

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11 Responses to “Introducing Art of Education Classes!”

  1. Art Project Girl April 3, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    Very exciting! Can you tell me about Madonna University? Are these credits transferrable to say my university CCSU? I am intrigued!!! What great work!

    • Jessica Balsley April 3, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

      Hi Erica! Because Madonna is an accredited university, the transferability rate is VERY high to almost any district or university. Of course, you always must check this out with your own institution to see if they accept any credits. That is where I would start. I specifically signed on to work with Madonna because of their accreditation and nationally recognized program. Hope it helps!

  2. Jackie April 3, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    With the ever changing direction of education, your courses provide us with the pause in order to reflect and refine our craft. Thanks for providing an outlet for the passionate to gather. Thanks and Congrats Jessica!

  3. Becca Ruth :) April 3, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    My district does not have many art education in-services for me. We have to do 3 days of in-service in my district. How would this apply to me or would this apply to me?

    • Jessica Balsley April 3, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

      Hi Becca Ruth!

      I am not sure how you could translate a graduate class to you district’s PD. Maybe you could propose they could pay for these classes as a part of your PD and work on them on your inservice days? I know we get stipends for PD if you apply at my school. Just getting creative. Some content teachers are allowed to propose their own learning for PD days that relates to their content area. If you district won’t provide it you have to go out and find it, and this is just one other outlet to provide learning for art teachers. Hope it helps! Good luck.

  4. Brooke Jetmund April 3, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

    I’m so excited for you. Having completed my Master’s Degree online, I know that these classes are convenient for busy teachers with families as myself. However, these classes appear to actually have relevance to my subject area. In my Master’s classes, I spent most of the time trying to relate the content to art! Thanks, and I look forward to signing up!

  5. Jessica Balsley April 3, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    Thanks, everyone for your positive feedback and support, I really appreciate it and can’t wait to move forward with this venture! My goal is to help art teachers everywhere find classes they can count on.:) Thanks!

  6. Kristyn April 6, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    Hi Jessica,

    I am excited about an opportunity to take some relevant courses online. I am from MI and am familiar with Madonna University. I was wondering if you have specific class codes for these classes, so I can see if my university will transfer the classes.

    • Jessica Balsley April 6, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

      Yes, I do. I will send you an email, Kristyn. Most districts and universities only need to know the name of the University to determine if the credits will transfer. I’ll be in touch! Thanks for your interest.

  7. Amanda April 6, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    Please send me the information Kristyn asked for as well. I am interested!

  8. Ingrid May 19, 2011 at 6:45 am #

    Hi, Jessica!
    I’d like that information, too! This sounds so great! I think I would like to do this.

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