Brand New Class! Are You Tech Ready?

17 Feb

Have you even seen a class on Technology designed just for art teachers? Neither had we… So with that, the new AOE class Tech Ready Teacher was born!  I am so excited that AOE will be offering a maiden voyage of this brand new class next month, Starting on March 1st and ending on March 31st.

At first, I didn’t have any interest in teaching a class with a technology theme, and because I already have a class on blogging, I thought that was enough. For some reason, I felt teachers already knew a lot about technology and already spend a lot of time online.  I though you all had overkill with the tech initiatives at your school.  Then, I started talking with art teachers and found they really do struggle to find technology courses that work for them. I want to help teachers think in new ways to use technology to motivate students, educate themselves, and give them that “edge” when teaching. Just because you surf the internet doesn’t mean you are tech-literate. There are so many resources out there I take for granted that I use and do every day, and it’s my time to share.

Our students are magnets to technology and we will easily fall behind if we don’t “keep up.’  This isn’t just another generic technology class you may have in your area. I’ve formulated all the assignments with resources and websites that are perfectly aligned with art education. You’ll even get to connect with other art educators through some of the assignments! Another topic in the class I’m really excited about is looking at the future of teaching. Did you know you can write and publish your own digital textbooks? Yep- These are the kinds of materials we’ll be using in just a few short years. I want you to be ahead of the game, so I’ve included some of these ideas as well.

So with that, I am a changed woman with a new perspective on what kinds of technology teachers need and am here to deliver!

So….What will the class be like??

We’ve divided the class up into weekly themes:

  • Technology for Discovery & Connection
  • Technology for Organization
  • Technology for Creation
  • Technology as the Future of Education

Each theme involves discussion boards, hands on assignments and gives you the time you need to dive deep into the technology and dink around without feeling guilty- You can tell your family “I’m just doing my homework” ha!  Even if you already feel techie you probably never afford yourself the luxury of dabbling with online resources.  Plus did I mention earning graduate credit to become a tech rockstar? Sweet!

The best thing is, all you need is the internet and less than an hour of free time each day (or a few hours on the weekend will do) because the class is self serve. Work when YOU have time, there are no specific log-on times, just weekly due dates to meet, and I’ve put those on Sunday nights so you have the whole weekend to work.

Don’t have an iPad?  It’s ok. Don’t have a computer lab in your classroom? Not necessary. This class will expose you, the teacher to different web tools so you can use them for your professional development in the classroom, personal use, or even teach your students how to use them when you are ready….. You can use the information in any way you choose.  All of the examples and social networks we use will be focused on getting you immersed within YOUR posse – other art teachers!

Head on over and explore the Course Schedule. Convinced? Go ahead and sign up! We have a brand new Online Store that will make your payment process a breeze. We are sure you’ll find it simple and quick.  Join us in March for “Tech Ready Teacher!” I can’t wait!

Any other suggestions of technology you’d like to learn here on the blog or in classes?

5 Responses to “Brand New Class! Are You Tech Ready?”

  1. colleenkr February 18, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    I’m so excited about this! Can’t wait… I only wish I could somehow meet you face-to-face to discuss all this, but through the internet, I’ll be able to learn so much from you. Great work!!! If you need a guinea pig, I’m up for it!

    • Jessica Balsley February 18, 2012 at 11:43 am #

      Cool! I’m excited to work with you!! Let me know if you have any questions

      • colleenkr February 19, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

        I’m so interested in spicing up my curriculum ~ if you have some ideas that you would like others to try & have feedback, I’m up for it!

  2. christine February 18, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    Will you be covering how to use an ipad specifically as an art teacher? All of our highschool students will have personal ipads to use next year and the HS art teacher is brand new to the ipad so I am asking for her to see if this course might be helpful.

  3. Kim Hyman February 19, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    I just received an iPad from my district and am already finding ways to incorporate it into my lessons. The most obvious is my introduction of art works “Vanna White style”. The students can view the visuals much more closely than when I place things on the whiteboard as examples. I just jumped on board to test drive an Elmo document reader as well. Moving forward with technology is certainly the way of the future.

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